Construction Site Injuries

In Delaware, workers employed on construction sites face some of the more dangerous working conditions in the state. The presence of cranes, heavy equipment and building machinery creates a unique set of dangers, while scaffolding, working at high heights and heavy building materials can also lend their dangers.

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Unfortunately, each year Delaware workers are injured and killed on construction sites while trying to do their jobs. Construction site accidents can include:

When to Contact Construction Accident Lawyers in Delaware

Any time a construction site accident causes you a serious injury that robs you of income or requires a hospital visit, it's important to contact a construction site injury attorney in Delaware. Construction site accidents can be far more serious than they first appear. These injuries can keep you out of work for weeks or months, affect future promotions and job opportunities, and leave you unable to pay your bills.

Significant construction site accidents such as head or spinal cord injuries may require expensive medical treatment. While workers’ compensation can help pay for these costs, some workers with significant injuries find that their benefits are delayed or their workers’ compensation claim is denied, even though their injuries are legitimate.

Contacting an attorney who focuses on construction site accident injuries can help you avoid the aggravation of workers’ compensation claim rejections and denials. Your attorney can help you start protecting your rights right away.

A construction site injury lawyer in Delaware can help you apply for workers’ compensation so you have a good chance of getting benefits. He or she also can address any issues that arise. If it appears as though your injuries were caused by negligence, your attorney may be able to advise you about alternative legal options available.

It's important to contact your attorney immediately. There is a statute of limitations in place that limits how long you have to make a claim in a workers’ compensation case. In many cases, your chances of being denied or rejected for benefits may increase if you wait to apply for benefits. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner your attorney can start working to find out what caused your accident and negotiating for the best benefits for you.

Finding the Right Construction Site Injury Attorney for You

If you have been injured on a construction site, contact Rahaim & Saints for a free consultation. For more than two decades, our law firm has been helping plaintiffs across Delaware from our offices in Wilmington and Newark. What sets us apart is that we are willing to go beyond one or two options. We’re always willing to do more for our clients. We strive to find all legal avenues for you so you can make the best decision possible to seek benefits.

Our law firm also strives to treat you with respect and support. After a serious injury, especially one that is career-ending or prevents you from working temporarily, it's normal to feel upset and stress about your financial situation. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints understand, and we go out of our way to provide caring legal support.