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With an experienced accident claim attorney, Delaware residents can be confident knowing they are working with a team that specializes in helping individuals who have been injured secure fair compensation for their losses, as well as what they're entitled to in order to support their families. At Rahaim & Saints, although our first course of action is to reach a settlement, we have ample experience taking cases to court when that's the best option for a client.

With over two decades of experience, we will seek fair compensation for injury cases to cover pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages, injuries and other losses. If you want to work with a Delaware accident claim attorney who will take the time to really get to know you and your case, Rahaim & Saints is the law firm for you. Call us today at 302-892-9200 to arrange a free consultation.

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Accident Claims Cover a Broad Spectrum

When people think of accident claims, cases involving vehicles are often the first type of claims that come to mind. Because serious injuries or even fatalities can be the outcome of a car accident, we have significant experience helping people and their families navigate this emotionally exhausting type of accident claim.

While car accidents make up a significant portion of accident claims, they are still just one of many case types that fall under this category. Truck accidents are another type of case when it's best to hire a Delaware accident claim attorney. Because noncompliance with trucking regulations, overloaded trucks, faulty equipment, excessive speed and driver fatigue are all common causes of this type of accident, it's important to have a legal professional who can firmly establish the source of negligence.

Premises liability and workers compensation are two more types of accident claims that are quite common. Premises liability claims cover everything from slip and fall accidents to dog bites that occur on someone else's property. For workers compensation benefits, remember that while employees are protected by Delaware law, securing the rightful benefits can be a challenge that requires the expertise of an accident claim attorney in Delaware.

Back injuries, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death suits, and head or neck injuries are also cases that fit into the accident claims category. Because these cases can place a significant financial and emotional burden on individuals and their families, you deserve to have an accident claim attorney in Delaware who's going to work as hard as possible on your behalf.

If you're already feeling overwhelmed after a few phone calls with an insurance company, it's time to let an experienced and committed legal team represent your claim. Contact Rahaim & Saints today to discuss exactly how we may be able to help.