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It is often said that it takes only one second for an accident to dramatically alter the course of your life. At Rahaim & Saints, however, we believe your representation in the weeks and months following your accident play an equally large role in determining how much your injury will change you.

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As you begin your road to recovery, an experienced personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in the type of settlement and the assistance you receive. If you or someone close to you has been in an accident, contact Rahaim & Saints today — our experienced team can fight to get you the settlement you deserve.

Rahaim & Saints, LLP is a Delaware law firm that has handled bodily injury and personal injury claims for more than two decades. Delaware personal injury attorney Sheldon S. Saints has helped many clients just like you who have been injured or hurt by another person's negligence. The firm has a long history of securing the compensation and benefits its clients are entitled to receive. Rahaim & Saints is always willing to fight for their clients to ensure full compensation for the physical and emotional suffering that has occurred.

Injuries caused by another person’s negligence can be very serious. Brain, head, spinal cord, neck and back injuries are just a few examples of what someone may sustain. These injuries can also cause significant financial hardships and emotional suffering.

Delaware Personal Injury Areas We Service:

There are a number of reasons why clients come to Rahaim & Saints for representation in personal injury law matters. Any accident or injury that has negatively affected your life can be grounds for legal action, especially if costly hospital bills or lost wages are involved. We bring a broad expertise in all types of personal injury law to each case, with a special focus on:

  • Spinal & Back Injuries — Back injuries and spinal cord trauma can lead to chronic pain and serious mobility problems.
  • Worker's Compensation — Workers’ compensation claims allow you to seek benefits if you’ve been injured at work. However, you may need legal representation to get the full amount you may be entitled to under your claim.
  • Accident Claims — Accidents can range from slip and fall injuries to balcony collapses to truck or car accidents. In all cases, if the accident was caused by a third party, you’ll want to explore your legal options.
  • Wrongful Death — In cases where a fatality was caused by medical malpractice, misdiagnosis, a car accident or another third party reason, families of the victim may be able to seek a wrongful death claim.
  • Auto Accident Injuries — Car accidents can result in brain trauma, quadriplegia, fatalities and serious injury. If an accident was caused by someone’s negligence, injured victims may have a legal claim.
    • Truck Accidents — Truck drivers and truck companies have to follow many federal and state rules to keep roadways safe. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable if someone is injured.
    • Emergency Vehicle Accidents — Emergency vehicles exceed speed limits to reach people in need of help. Operators are still expected to use precautions to make sure innocent bystanders are not injured.
    • No Fault Law Auto Accidents — In no fault states, car insurance companies will pay you if you’re injured or your car is damaged in an accident – regardless of who was at fault in the crash.
    • Comparative Negligence Auto Accidents — In comparative fault states, drivers who have been in a car accident can recover damages through their insurance depending on how much they were are at fault in an accident. Since these laws can be complex and since determining fault can be tricky, you’ll want legal representation if you wish to make a claim.
    • Motorcycle Accidents — Motorcycle riders have fewer layers of protection than other motorists, so their accidents are more likely to be serious and more likely to be legally complex.
    • Lane Splitting — Lane splitting happens when bicycles and motorcycles drive in the same lane as another driver. This reduces the amount of space available, often leading to collisions.
    • Car Fires & Explosions — Mechanical failure or poor maintenance can cause car components to overheat or explode, causing severe injury to drivers and passengers.
    • Inattentive Driving Accidents — Distracted driving is a major problem. When drivers aren’t focused on the road ahead of them, they don’t give themselves enough time to avoid accidents.
    • Car Accident While Traveling — Being in an accident when you’re away from home is especially complex, since you might not understand local laws. Good legal representation is important in these cases.
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Locations Served

Car accidents and other accidents and injuries can happen anywhere in Delaware at any time. If you live in the area or visit often, you may already know that New Castle, Willington, Sussex County and all of Delaware have much to offer. From the Christina River to the Dover Opera House to White Clay Creek State Park, there’s a lot to explore. Middletown, for example, is famous for its Olde Tyme Peach Festival and Milford is home to Blair's Pond.

It’s hard to enjoy visiting or living in Delaware and enjoying all the festivals, historic places and green spaces if you’ve been seriously injured. If you have been injured in a car accident, workplace injury or other incident, you may face severe pain and even mobility issues, which can prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

No matter where you live and no matter where your injury occurred in the state, contact Rahaim & Saints. We are proud to serve Sussex, Castle and Kent counties as well as all of Delaware. Our offices in Newark and Wilmington allow us to assist plaintiffs across the state. If you’ve been injured and want to talk about your situation, contact our law firm for a consultation.

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Workers’ Compensation and Work Injury Representation

You spend a lot of your waking hours in the workplace, and you probably rely on your job to pay for your bills and for the things your family needs. You offer much of your time, talent and energy to your workplace, so of course you expect your employer to care for your well-being.

In fact, your employer is legally obligated to provide a reasonably safe workplace and to pay for workers’ compensation premiums for all eligible workers. Unfortunately, not all employers follow the rules. In some cases, employers cut corners or fail to warn employees about dangers, causing workplace accidents. In other cases, employers and insurers deny workers’ compensation claims so qualified workers can’t get the benefits they deserve.

So what happens if you’re injured on the job? You will need to report the incident right away and file a claim. Ideally, you’ll get the workers’ compensation benefits and any other compensation you deserve. In reality, you may face a lot of red tape or even get denial letters. However, legal assistance and representation can help you with this common problem.

If you’ve been injured on the job, it’s important to seek legal assistance. Contact Rahaim & Saints for a consultation to find out what legal representation can do for you and to discuss what legal options you have to secure benefits in your case.

Injury Litigation Is Rahaim & Saints' Area of Expertise

If a claim can't be settled, Rahaim & Saints has extensive experience taking cases to trial. Because the firm prides itself on being knowledgeable and committed Delaware trial attorneys, you can be confident that the firm will always do whatever is in the best interest of your case.

The Rahaim & Saints Team

Rahaim & Saints is a Delaware law firm specializing in affordable, effective personal injury representation. Since 1993, we have been arguing for the rights and needs of our clients as they recover from traumatic, life-altering accidents. Senior partner, Sheldon Saints, a graduate of Emory University School of Law, brings more than 30 years of personal injury law experience to every case the firm represents. Sheldon Saints has successfully represented clients who have been the victim of on-the-job accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death, auto accidents, animal bites and more.

Rahaim & Saints Are Delaware Injury Lawyers Who Care About Their Clients

Some Delaware law firms only care about getting through cases as quickly as possible. By choosing Rahaim & Saints as your legal representation, you never have to worry about being treated as just another file number. Instead, you’ll work with Delaware personal injury attorneys who will take the time to truly familiarize themselves with your case. Not only will they know all the relevant details of your case, but they'll actually communicate on a personal level with you and your family. You’ll always know how your case is moving along.

Because Rahaim & Saints places so much emphasis on service, a significant number of clients refer the Delaware law firm to their family members and friends. We take a lot of pride in providing a great experience to every single one of our clients. We understand that being injured or being in an accident can be upsetting, so we do everything we can to provide honest and professional legal assistance to our clients — while also treating everyone we represent with the respect they deserve. If you need legal representation in Delaware, contact Rahaim & Saints to find out what we can offer.

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At Rahaim & Saints, we understand the decision to seek compensation for a personal injury is not one that is made lightly. Many of our clients hesitate to contact us, thinking that taking matters before a judge will be costly, embarrassing or more trouble than it’s worth. You may be worried that you don’t have a strong case, or that too much time has passed since the accident.

Instead of wondering, contact Rahaim & Saints today for a free consultation with our team of Delaware personal injury law experts. Our representative will give you a realistic assessment of your chances for success and will help you make a plan to move forward in whichever way you decide. We believe all accident victims deserve to recover and live as best they can, and we fight to ensure each of our clients receives the settlement necessary to do so.

Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

It is common to have questions about your personal injury case. View our commonly asked questions below for help getting started. For additional questions please feel free to contact us.

1. If I am injured, what are the first things I should do?

If you are hurt, the most important thing is your health and physical condition. Seek medical treatment immediately ­­ at an emergency room if necessary. After your initial injuries have been treated, seek legal advice as soon as possible. Motor vehicle and personal injury cases may need to be quickly investigated and an injury attorney can assist in ensuring that no evidence is lost or destroyed. We also suggest that whenever possible, you take pictures of the scene of the accident, the damage to your vehicle and damage to the other vehicle. If the injury involves a slip or trip, pictures of the ice or hazardous area can be very helpful. It may be advisable for you to contact your insurance company to notify them of the accident, but do not contact or communicate with the other parties insurance company until you have obtained legal advice.

2. Do I need an attorney?

While there may be some accidents that do not require retaining an attorney, it is always in your best interest to discuss any injury case with an attorney before proceeding. Please take advantage of the free personal injury and worker’s compensation consultations offered by Rahaim & Saints to obtain answers to your questions and determine how we can assist with fully protecting your rights.

3. What do I do if I am contacted by an insurance company?

While it is fine to put your own automobile insurance company on notice of an accident, we advise that you have no further communication with your own insurance company, and no communication with the other parties' insurance company until you have spoken to one of the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints. Quite often the insurance companies will ask you to give a recorded statement and those statements can negatively effect your claim later. Likewise, any documents the insurance companies ask you to sign can effect your ability to recover compensation later. You are under no obligation to speak to the other parties’ insurance company and we advise you not to do so until you have consulted with one of our attorneys.

4. Should I give a recorded statement?

Your insurance company and the other parties’ insurance company will often seek to take a recorded statement from you, usually over the phone. These statements can negatively effect your ability to recover full compensation. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints recommend that you do not discuss the details of your specific injury or your version of how the injury occurred until you have been able to speak to one of our attorneys first.

5. How much is my case worth?

It is difficult to determine the value of a case has until your injuries or treatments have resolved or concluded. The value of a case is based on a number of factors such as the incurred or future medical bills, lost wages incurred, or the loss of future earning capacity. The value of a case will also depends on the measure of the pain and suffering endured. Factors that are considered for pain and suffering include the length and type of consistent treatment; the nature of the injury itself; whether fractures, surgery or scarring is involved; and the general impact the injury has had on ones life and lifestyle. Another factor might be the impact the injury had ones mental state. Of course, the details of the accident and the parties’ degree of fault will also need to be considered. All of these factors would be evaluated by the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints at the conclusion of medical care to determine the probable value of a claim.

6. How long does a case take?

It is difficult to determine how long a personal injury case will take to resolve. No two cases are exactly alike and are very dependent on the individual injuries and treatment received. Some injury cases can be concluded within a few months by settlement, while other cases may have to be litigated, which can take substantially longer. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can help determine and provide you with information regarding the probable length of time necessary to resolve your claim.

7. How much does a lawyer cost?

The attorney at Rahaim & Saints utilize a contingency fee contract. Contingency fees benefit the injured party because no retainer is needed, and the attorneys do not charge hourly. We charge a fixed contingency rate, usually 1/3 of the recovery (less if the client is a minor).

8. What does it mean to file suit?

If the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints are unable to negotiate an amicable settlement with the other parties’ insurance company before the running of the statute of limitations, then the option is to file a law suit complaint in the Superior Court of Delaware to protect your rights to pursue compensation. At that point, the claim is known as "in litigation". The Court now will set up guidelines for the timing of discovery such as interrogatories or deposition that the parties use to obtain information regarding the claim. The Court will also provide deadlines for alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation or arbitration. At any point in the litigation process it is possible that a case can settle without the need for an actual trial.

9. Do I have to sue someone to collect compensation?

It is a fact that most injury claims settle without a law suit ever needing to be filed. And in fact, a majority of those cases that require the filing of a law suit end up settling without the need for a jury trial.

10. What is a jury trial?

Under the Delaware Constitution, an injured party has the right to seek redress for injuries before a 12 panel jury of their peers. At trial, your attorney will present an opening statement and then present evidence supporting your claim for compensation. This evidence may include live and deposition testimony, documents, photographs and videos. The opposing party will also present such evidence supporting their defense. After both parties have presented their cases, the jury will be asked to decide the outcome. When appropriate, your attorney will discuss the pros and cons of proceeding to a jury trial given the cost and potential time involved for your case. There will be times where a jury trial is the only avenue to attempt to receive fair compensation, and the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints will aggressively present your claim.

11. What is a deposition?

A deposition is part of the litigation discovery process. It is an opportunity for the parties to ask questions of the parties and witnesses and have those questions answered under oath. Your attorney at Rahaim & Saints will prepare you for any deposition that you may be asked to attend. Some questions that may be asked include what types of injuries or conditions did you have before the current injury. You may be asked about witnesses to the accident, your version of the events, your medical accident and how the injury effected your life.

12. What is negligence?

A victim must have been injured due to the negligence of another individual or company. Negligence occurs when one owes a duty of reasonable care for the safety of another and fails to exercise this care. Negligence can include failure to control an automobile, failure to clear ice from a sidewalk, failure to warn other particular hazard that a property owner knows about, or failure to control ones’ dog. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can discuss with you any potential negligence issues involving your claim.

13. Can I recover compensation even if someone says I am partially at fault?

Under Delaware law, one can recover compensation for their injuries even if they are considered partially at fault. In fact, if the injured party is no more then 50% at fault, they can still recover, though the recovery will be reduced by their ascribed percentage of negligence. If, however, the injured party is deemed to be more then 50% at fault, then recovery is barred under Delaware law. It should be noted that there are other states that have different rules. Some states bar recovery if the plaintiff is only 1% at fault. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can discuss questions of fault and negligence to help evaluate your claim.

14. How do I get my medical bills covered?

If your injury is related to a car accident, your own auto or motorcycle insurance carrier, often referred to as the no fault carrier or personal injury protection (PIP) carrier, will provide coverage for your related medical bills and lost earnings, up to the limits of the policy. This same coverage is also available to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle in Delaware. Sometimes, more than one PIP policy may be applicable to cover these losses. Additionally, other ways to cover medical bills may be through worker’s compensation, Medicare or Medicaid, or ones’ personal health insurance. Also, if injured on a business premises there may be a premises "medical pay" policy available. Finally, if no such coverages are available, there are physicians who will agree to continue treating you without payment until your claim is settled. These matters can all be discussed with the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints to help get your medical bills paid.

15. How to recover lost earnings?

If your claim involves an auto accident, the no fault or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on your vehicle may provide coverage for lost earnings. These policies also provide coverage for medical bills and your attorney can help determine whether PIP benefits should be used to pay medical bills or lost earnings, or a combination thereof. It is also possible that your claim may involve worker’s compensation which may be available to assist in recovering lost earnings. Past, present and future lost earnings can also be part of your liability compensation case against the negligent party. Your attorney at Rahaim & Saints can discuss these matters with you to determine the best way to proceed and protect you and your family.

16. What is a letter of protection?

There are doctors that will agree to treat you for accident related injuries even though they may not be able to be paid by auto insurance or health insurance. These doctors will often agree to treat you if you will agree o sign a letter of protection guaranteeing that they will be paid from your ultimate recovery when you finally do receive compensation.

17. What is a health insurance lien?

Quite often, in an injury case, your medical care expenses are covered by your personal health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or a worker’s compensation policy. If medical bills are paid by any of these providers, they will assert a lien on your final bodily injury recovery. In a nutshell, they are seeking to be reimbursed by you for the medical bills that have been covered by them. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can discuss with you the best ways to negotiate a fair settlement which will include sums to satisfy these liens. Your attorneys can also help negotiate these liens to affordable levels when your claim concludes.

18. What is a PIP deductible?

When purchasing personal injury protection under Delaware law, you have the option of lowering your premiums by paying a deductible on your PIP coverage. The deductible you chose can vary. Generally, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. If you chose a deductible, you are agreeing to pay that amount out of your own pocket before any PIP coverage will apply.

19. Should I sign a release?

You should never sign a release or any other contract or document regarding your injury without discussing this matter with one of the personal injury attorneys at Rahaim & Saints. You may believe you are signing a document relating to one small aspect of the case, when, in reality, you have signed a release of any and all further claims, even though you may not have been fairly and fully compensated.

20. Can I recover damages if I am injured slipping on ice?

The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints have been able to assist clients in obtaining compensation for injuries received when they slipped on ice. Whether one is entitled to compensation will depend on whether the property owner was negligent in their failure to remove or warn of the presence of ice. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can assess and discuss with you the particular facts involving your slip and fall injury.

21. Can I recover damages if I trip and fall?

If you trip due to a hazardous situation on a premises such as a large crack, a broken step or an item left in a shopping aisle, you may be able to recover for your injuries. You will need to show that the hazardous item or condition over which you tripped was present due to the negligence of the property owner. You may need to establish that a condition was as the result of negligence by use of an expert witness. Other factors will have to be assessed including wether the injured party bears any fault for failing to observe or avoid the dangerous condition. Attorneys Sheldon Saints and Andrew Rahaim can help you evaluate your claim.

22. Can I recover if I am a pedestrian and hit by a car?

If you are a pedestrian and injured by a motor vehicle in Delaware, you are covered by the PIP policy on the Delaware registered motor vehicle. That coverage will apply toward your medical bills and lost earnings to the extent of that coverage. You may be covered by other policies of insurance of your own or members of your household as well. In addition, if the injuries are as a result of the negligence of the motor vehicle driver, you can seek compensation for bodily injury pain and suffering. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can discuss all of the rights available to you if you are a pedestrian injured by a motor vehicle.

23. How can I recover if I am injured in an accident by someone who was "hit and run" or has no insurance?

Even in situations where you are injured by an unknown party who fled the scene of the accident, or by someone who had no insurance, you can seek recovery through the uninsured portion of your own insurance policy. Even if the person that hit you had insurance, but had insufficient coverage to fully compensate you, you may be able to turn to your own policy provisions for under­insured motorist coverage. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can discuss with you your rights and assist you in fully protecting your ability to be fully compensated for your injuries.

24. Can I recover if I or my child was bitten by a dog?

Delaware has a strict liability law that applies to the owner of dogs. The owner of a dog in Delaware is strictly liable for injuries caused by the dog, including dog bites. There are some exceptions, such as where the injured party was committing trespass or was tormenting or abusing the dog. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints can evaluate your claim for injuries suffered as a result of a dog.

25. Can my spouse recover if I am injured in a car accident and they have to care for me?

A spouse of an injured victim may be able to recover damages known as loss of consortium. The concept is that the spouse has been negatively effected by the accident through the loss of the injured party’s companionship, affection, sexual relations and physical assistance in the maintaining of the home. The value of the loss of consortium claim will be very dependant on the nature and extent of injuries suffered the life of the non injured spouse.

26. What is under­insured motorist coverage?

In a motor vehicle accident case, if the negligent party has insurance, but does not have enough insurance coverage to fully compensate the injured party for their injuries, the injured party can turn to the under insured coverage of their own insurance policy for additional coverage to assist in achieving full compensation. The presence and amount of under insured coverage can be discussed with you the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints.