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Family Law Attorneys DelawareMany people don't think about family law until they have a concern that affects their own family. Matters of family law such as divorce, child custody, adoption and alimony which can stem from sensitive situations and require a professional and compassionate family law attorney in Wilmington DE or your Delaware community.

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Divorce Law

Divorce is one of the most common reasons why individuals seek out a family law attorney in Delaware. Divorce can be a challenging time, but it can also be the chance for a new start. For many families, divorce can help free them from a cycle of unhappiness and arguments.

When someone approaches an attorney about a divorce, the main concern is always any children involved. Parents going through a divorce want to ensure their children will be safeguarded. A secondary concern for most couples is independence at a financial level. Both parties want to make sure they have the financial resources to live their life outside of the relationship.

At Rahaim & Saints, our compassionate and professional attorneys work with you to develop a personalized divorce plan. Just as no two relationships are the same, no two dissolutions of marriage are the same. We can help you decide whether you want to go to court, work your way through mediation or find other solutions for your unique needs.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Spousal support and alimony are two options designed to help an individual financially during and after undergoing divorce or dissolution of marriage. Spousal support and alimony can depend on many factors, including taxable income of both parties, the length of time a marriage lasted and the type of negotiations the couples go through to reach to a specific amount.

Working with an experienced attorney ensures you get the support you deserve for a new start after your marriage ends. If your spouse is seeking support, working with an attorney can help ensure you do not pay more than your fair share.

Child Custody and Visitation

One of the biggest concerns families have when undergoing divorce is access to their children. Child custody could be a fraught topic, especially if there are allegations of wrongdoing or issues surrounding the ability of one parent to care for the children.

The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints work hard to create amicable solutions that are best for the child. Our concern is always to do what is best for you and your family so you can be supported, no matter what happens to your relationship. If you are having trouble getting custody or visitation, the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints have experience with fathers' rights, grandparents' rights and other areas of family law to assist you.


If you're hoping to add to your family by opening your home to a child, the process can be complex. The attorneys at Rahaim & Saints are familiar with stepparent adoptions, agency adoptions and private adoptions. Whether you want to adopt a new spouse's child or a child from overseas, an attorney can help you through the process and ensure all relevant paperwork is filed correctly.

Why Having an Attorney Helps

Many family law issues can technically be settled in Family Court, and it may be tempting to try to resolve these issues yourself. However, family courts are often overwhelmed with the number of cases filed and, in many situations, even the seemingly straightforward issues such as a private adoption which can come with legal concerns and questions you simply cannot answer on your own. A professional attorney can protect you and your family, ensuring that everyone in your household, including children, are protected to the full extent of the law.

How to Get Started

If you have any questions about divorces, custody and visitation, asset division, alimony, spousal support, adoption or any issues regarding family law, contact the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints. Since 1993, our attorneys have been supporting families in the Delaware area, and we would be pleased to sit down with you to discuss your situation.

We represent individuals and couples throughout Delaware in a diversified range of domestic law legal topics such as: