Criminal Representation for University of Delaware Students

An individual’s university years are among their most formative, and the decisions a student makes can impact the rest of their life. Unfortunately, it’s also a time known for youthful indiscretions — and the legal consequences can form a permanent mark on a student’s record which makes it hard to obtain employment or continue with their education.

If you’re a University of Delaware student facing criminal charges of any kind, make sure your best interests are protected by contacting the defense lawyers at Rahaim & Saints.

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Rahaim & Saints can handle a wide range of criminal defense issues for University of Delaware students, from alcohol-related charges to more serious crimes. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, drug possession, shoplifting or anything else, our team will work to get the best possible outcome for your case. We understand that university students in particular have a need for discretion and expediency in handling these delicate matters.

One of the first things you’ll have to do upon being charged with a drug-, alcohol-, disorderly conduct- or parking-related offense in Delaware is present yourself to Delaware Court #40 — also known as Alderman’s Court. Alderman’s Court is located at 220 Elkton Road in Newark. If you wish, one of our attorneys can accompany you there initially and for any further appearances.

Probation Before Judgment

One of the best options for University of Delaware students charged with a criminal offense is to pursue a probation before judgment, also known as a diversion program. Typically reserved for first time offenders, this program is a way of accepting responsibility for the incident without serving jail time or gaining a criminal record.

Offenders will have to undergo a period of probation before their record is completely expunged. For many who are worried about what a trial entails, this is the best way to move past an unfortunate incident without incurring any long-term consequences.

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After Court

Following a guilty plea or conviction at Alderman’s Court, your information will be forwarded to the University of Delaware Office of Student Conduct. You will then be contacted by the University and asked to attend a pre-hearing meeting. During this meeting, you’ll be able to give your version of events and learn about the options available to you for resolving the issue. You will be given the choice to accept the proposed sanctions or deny them and begin the appeal process.

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Rahaim & Saints’ defense lawyers can represent University of Delaware students in any criminal proceeding. We’ll advise you of your options for quickly resolving the matter and may be able to get our case dismissed before a trial. The best way to begin is by contacting our office for your free initial consultation.

For more than 20 years, we have served as a skilled criminal lawyer for University of Delaware students. We believe a harsh, punitive punishment for one-time mistake only serves to limit the future opportunities of all involved parties. For immediate assistance with your case, contact our team today.