Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

In Delaware, all cars, trucks, vans, buses, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles must be properly licensed, registered and insured. During a routine traffic stop, a police officer is entitled to request proof of any of the above. Driving an unregistered vehicle is a potentially serious offense that can leave a long-lasting mark on your driving record. This means your insurance rates will go up and you may be disqualified from certain kinds of jobs. Repeated offenses can lead to license suspensions, heavy fines and even potential jail time.

If you have received a citation for driving an unregistered vehicle in Delaware, an attorney can ensure your rights are protected and may be able to get your case dismissed or your charges dropped. Since 1993, Rahaim & Saints has been representing Delaware residents in a wide range of traffic law violations. Contact our office today for more information about what we can do for you.

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Delaware Vehicle Registration Laws

Laws surrounding vehicle registration are set out in Chapter 21 of the Delaware Motor Vehicle Code. The code states that it is illegal to:

  • Drive an unregistered or unplated motor vehicle, trailer or semi trailer on any public road or highway
  • Display or drive with a license plate or registration card that has been canceled, revoked, suspended, altered or counterfeited
  • Lend your registration card or plates to anyone not permitted to use them
  • Refuse to turn in a set of plates or a registration card that has been suspended, cancelled or revoked
  • Apply for a vehicle registration permit, title or certificate under a fake name, or using fraudulent information
  • Drive a vehicle registered to yourself that is in dangerously unsafe condition
  • Drive an out-of-state or out-of-country vehicle without the proper registration and permits
  • Drive or tow an unregistered tractor or other farm machinery on a public road

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Penalties for Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

Violating any of the above vehicle registration laws can result in penalties ranging from a small fine to potential jail time. The nature of the offense, any previous violations in your record and the type of vehicle involved all factor into determining the potential consequences of driving an unregistered vehicle. Because of this, it’s important to have an attorney who can argue your case and potentially get your charges reduced.

An attorney with knowledge of Delaware’s unregistered vehicle laws can also help ensure proper procedure was followed during your citation — if not, it may be possible to get the charges against you thrown out entirely.

Rahaim & Saints Is There for Delaware Drivers

In most cases, simple forgetfulness causes vehicles to be unregistered. And at Rahaim & Saints, we don’t believe people should suffer lasting consequences for an honest mistake. That’s why we fight hard for the rights of our clients who have been charged with driving an unregistered vehicle. Our lawyers are available for a free initial consultation at your convenience — contact our Newark or Wilmington office today.