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Before you pay for that traffic ticket or plead guilty to a traffic offense, contact an experienced traffic violations defense attorney. You may not be aware of all the potential consequences you may be facing, including license suspension, higher insurance rates and potentially, jail time.

Contact Wilmington Delaware Traffic Violation Lawyer Andrew Rahaim at law firm of Rahaim & Saints to discuss your traffic violation/moving violation. Mr. Rahaim can be contacted at 302-892-9200 or 302-832-1800. You can also contact a Delaware Traffic Offense Lawyer. Mr. Rahaim represents drivers of New Castle County, as well as commercial and out-of-state drivers cited in Delaware. In a free consultation, we will inform you of your rights and advise you on whether to fight the ticket or criminal charge.

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Minor Traffic Offenses In Delaware

The state of Delaware will suspend driving privileges if you accumulate too many traffic violation points within a certain period of time. If you receive a speeding ticket or other citation (such as running a stop sign or failure to yield) it could be the one that puts you over the limit. Once you exceed the points limit, suspension is automatic. There is no license hearing. It is important to know how many points you have accumulated and that it may now be necessary to fight the ticket.

Major Traffic Violations In Delaware

Some traffic offenses are misdemeanor crimes that carry both administrative license consequences and criminal penalties:

Habitual Offenders

You can be designated as an “habitual offender” for:

  • Three or more major offenses within a five-year period (resulting in a five-year license revocation)
  • Ten or more traffic violations of any kind in a three-year period (resulting in a three-year revocation)

CDL Truck Drivers

Commercial drivers have both personal and professional consequences at stake when charged with a traffic violation or DUI. Mr. Rahaim represents truckers cited in Delaware for speeding, DOT violations and other traffic violations that may jeopardize their commercial driver’s license.

A Skilled Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer Can Help

Drew Rahaim brings more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to your case. He can represent you in traffic court to challenge traffic violations or try to get them amended to a lesser (non-point) offense. He also represents clients in administrative hearings on license suspension and license restoration after revocation.

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