Sexual Assault Defense Attorney for Delaware

Sexual assault is a blanket legal term describing committing a sexual act on someone without their consent. If you are convicted your life can be ruined. A sexual assault charge in Delaware is extremely serious and warrants the aid of a Delaware Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer. If you are facing sexual assault charges in Delaware it is important that you do not face the situation alone.

Sexual Assault Attorneys in Delaware

Contact Delaware Sexual Assault Charge Defense Lawyer Andrew Rahaim to discuss your case. Mr Rahaim’s Wilmington office can be reached at 302-892-9200. You can call his Newark, Delaware law office at 302-832-1800. You can also email Delaware Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Andrew Rahaim here. Mr. Rahaim offers free consultations to those accused of sex crimes in New Castle County, Delaware.

Types Of Sexual Assault In Delaware

Sexual Assault Defense In Delaware

How your attorney defends your sexual assault charge can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. A solid defense is needed due to the severe and lifelong consequences of a sex crime conviction in Delaware. Mr. Rahaim will do everything he can to get to know the details of your case and attempt to get the charges dismissed or lessened. Your previous criminal record and sex crime history may play a role in the ultimate outcome of your Delaware sexual assault case.

Delaware Sexual Assault Penalties

If you are convicted of a Delaware sex crime you will face fines, fees, jail time and mandatory sex offender registration. Other areas of your life such as your ability to get a job and housing may also be impacted. Do not go through this trying time without enlisting the help of a Newark Delaware Sex Crime Lawyer.

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Call Delaware Sex Offense Attorney Andrew Rahaim at 302-892-9200 or 302-832-1800. You can also reach Delaware Sex Offense Attorney Andrew Rahaim here. Let him fight to protect your rights, future and freedom.