Delaware Sex Crime Charges & Defense

The internet provides most of us with a plethora of information, making our lives easier, more convenient and much more enriched. Also, the internet allows us to stay connected with family, friends and loved ones in a way that was not possible even a decade ago. However, with all of the benefits, luxuries and amenities of the internet there are also safety issues and concerns surrounding its use. One of which is the possibility of online sex offenses, internet sex crimes and online child pornography.

An overwhelming majority of sex offenders target minors. The police, media and other authorities have organized specific task forces and units to solely focus on internet sex crime perpetrators in recent years. Thousands of people, primarily males, are arrested every year for internet sex crimes against people under age 18. Often times during these arrests the alleged victims can end up being police officers posing as sexually active children.

Being charged with a sex crime in Delaware can be absolutely devastating to anyone. Merely being accused of any form of sexual assault can result in severe consequences and repercussions. Sexual assault crimes, more so than any other crime, frequently involve little or no corroborating evidence such as DNA, eyewitness accounts or other forensic evidence.  And yet, despite this lack of evidence, sex crimes defendants often feel like they are guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. If you are facing sex crime charges you do not have to face them alone. It is a wise decision to have a skilled Delaware Sex Offense Attorney on your side.

If you have been arrested for an online sex offense in Delaware it may make sense to contact a Delaware Sex Offense Lawyer regarding your rights. Rahaim & Saints, LLP has many years experience handling all types of Criminal & Sex Offense cases throughout New Castle County, Delaware. Mr. Rahaim can be reached at 302 892 9200 or 302 832 1800. Or, click here to email Delaware Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Andrew Rahaim.

Possible Online Sex Offenses

  • Online Solicitation Of A Minor
  • Child Pornography
  • Arranging Sexual Encounters With Minors Online
  • Providing Lewd Or Obscene Material Via Internet/Email

Misdemeanor & Felony Sex Crimes in Delaware

The state of Delaware acknowledges 2 types of sex offenses: misdemeanor sex crimes and felony sex crimes. Each type is very serious and will result in significant penalties and consequences if convicted. If you are facing any type of sex crime charge in New Castle County, Delaware you should speak with a Delaware Sex Crime Attorney.

Delaware Misdemeanor Sex Offenses

There are various misdemeanor sex crimes in Delaware. Examples are:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Lewd conduct
  • Unlawful sexual contact
  • Sexual assault

Let A Delaware Sex Crime Attorney Help Protect You

Even the mere accusation of being involved in an internet sex crime can change your life forever. There is a stigma attached to those who are accused of sex crimes that is very difficult to overcome in the eyes of society. Conviction of a sex offense can impose serious consequences on your life, your career and your reputation such as:

  • Loss Of Job
  • Incarceration
  • Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

Sex Crime Defense In Delaware

Frequently it is extremely difficult for an alleged sex offender to get a the fair trial that they deserve and that our justice system requires. Finger pointing, false accusations and emotional reactions can result in false allegations and convictions. The result can be mandatory jail sentencing even if the accused is innocent.  And, many convictions ultimately result in lifetime Megan’s Law registration with the police. For all these reasons, and others, having an aggressive Delaware Sex Offense Lawyer working on your behalf is absolutely essential.

Many sex crimes in Delaware are initially treated as felonies. If convicted, you will face fines, possible jail time, a possible prison sentence and mandatory sex offender registration.  If you are a University of Delaware student your academic status may be jeopardized. With the help of a skilled and experienced Delaware Sex Offense Attorney you may be able to have your felony sex crime charges reduced to a misdemeanor. The charges you are facing, as well as your previous criminal record, will have a lot to do with whether or not your charges can be reduced.

If you were arrested on misdemeanor or felony sex charges a skilled attorney will attempt to have your charges dropped or dismissed.

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