Newark Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can be an unnerving, even frightening experience. If you’re facing criminal charges in Newark, DE, you don’t have to “take on the system” on your own. Choosing the right Newark criminal lawyer can make a major difference in the outcome of your case. The Delaware law firm of Rahaim & Saints has been helping to protect the legal rights of people just like you for years.

How Can Your Newark Criminal Attorney Assist You?

Andrew “Drew” Rahaim has been successfully representing people accused of crimes in Delaware for more than three decades. Attorney Rahaim will review the unique facts of your case and work with you to develop an effective defense strategy.

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Depending on the circumstances, Attorney Rahaim may be able to get the charges against you reduced or dropped, or reach a settlement that eliminates the need to go to trial. If your case is tried in a court of law, you’ll be served by an accomplished Newark criminal lawyer who will mount a vigorous and passionate defense on your behalf.

Turn to Rahaim & Saints If You Need an Effective DUI/DWI Attorney in Newark

An arrest and subsequent conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in a loss of driving privileges and possible jail time. Rahaim & Saints is an experienced DUI/DWI law firm in Newark that you can turn to if you’re facing DUI charges.

Attorney Rahaim is a noted Newark DUI lawyer who may be able to help you keep your driver’s license so you can continue to work and support your family — if this is not your first arrest for DUI/DWI, he may be able to help you avoid a prison sentence. Whether it’s your first DUI arrest, or you have prior convictions on your record, you’ll be served by a knowledgeable Newark DUI attorney who will work hard to attain the most favorable outcome for your situation.

We Handle All Types of Criminal Matters

In addition to DUI cases, Rahaim & Saints can handle many other types of criminal matters. Whether you need an experienced Newark assault lawyer or aggressive representation for combatting charges of fraud, domestic violence, disorderly conduct or trespassing, we can have a positive impact on the outcome of your case.

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