Delaware Juvenile Lawyers

If your son or daughter has been charged with a crime — even a minor offense — it can have lasting repercussions on their college education, employment and other facets of life. If your child is facing a serious felony, juvenile detention or jail is a very real possibility.

The law firm of Rahaim & Saints provides knowledgeable juvenile defense to clients in New Castle County and throughout Delaware. Whenever possible, we work to get teens and young adults into juvenile delinquency diversion programs, probation or other adjudications that avoid incarceration and a criminal record.

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Defending Minors in Juvenile Court

Attorney Drew Rahaim has practiced in criminal law in Delaware since 1980. He routinely handles juvenile court offenses such as:

License Suspension

In addition to lockup, fines, restitution and probation, juveniles also may face driver’s license suspension even if the crime is not alcohol-related or license-related. We handle administrative license hearings as well as juvenile criminal defense.

Record Expungement

We work to prevent a black mark on your child’s record that would hamper his or her efforts to get into college, land a job or rent an apartment. Certain juvenile records can be expunged so that they do not show up in a background check and need not be listed on applications.

If your child is facing serious felony charges (such as aggravated assault, rape or drug dealing), we can challenge attempts to have the case transferred to adult court. In either venue, our juvenile defense attorney examines every aspect of the prosecution’s case and police procedures to find an advantage. Attorney Drew Rahaim will:

  • Seek dismissal of charges or exclusion of evidence
  • Negotiate a favorable plea to a lesser offense
  • Prepare a defense for trial (adult court) or juvenile proceedings

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