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Andrew Rahaim Criminal AttorneyThe more our business and personal lives move online, the more common identity theft has become. With increased awareness of identity theft has comes an aggressive move to prosecute those suspected of it. If you have been charged with identity theft in Delaware, it’s important to ensure your rights are respected and protected.

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Delaware Identity Theft Laws

Identity theft is primarily covered under Section 854 of the state code, although several other related charges are often involved. Section 854 defines identity theft as when a person “knowingly or recklessly obtains, produces, possesses, uses, sells, gives or transfers” an individual’s personal identifying information with the intent to use it to commit fraud or any other crime. Identity theft law also covers any individual who passes along stolen personal information to a third party.

Personal information covered by this law includes not only an individual’s Social Security number, biographical data or banking information, but also their driver’s license number, telephone number, health care records, educational records, email address, computer passwords, mother’s maiden name, or any other information that can be used to facilitate fraud or other crimes.

Penalties for Identity Theft

Identity theft is listed as a class D felony in Delaware. Any individual found with counterfeited driver’s license, credit card or other ID, or any software or equipment for forging documents, can be charged with the possession of burglar’s tools — a class F felony outlined in Section 828 of the Delaware code.

If convicted of either, an individual can face up to eight years in prison. In addition, the judge can order the guilty party to repay the victim any losses incurred as a result, including lost wages and attorney fees.

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Fighting Identity Theft Charges

If you have been charged with identity theft in Delaware, the steep penalties you face should make the need for professional representation obvious. The identity theft attorneys at Delaware’s Rahaim & Saints offer aggressive, informed representation that may be able to help you clear your name. Often, identity theft cases are not as open and shut as they are made out to be.

With the support of an attorney who knows Delaware law, you may be able to get your charges reduced or even dropped outright. If not, we are prepared to represent you in court and help you work towards a favorable outcome.

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Everyone charged with identity theft in Delaware deserves to know their rights and have an accurate picture of the options available to them. The ID theft lawyers at Rahaim & Saints will meet with you free of charge, review the facts of the case against you and give you a realistic assessment of what’s in store.