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Insurance Fraud, Credit Card, and Other Types of Fraud Charges

Being accused of fraud is a very serious charge and it carries with it very severe legal consequences and penalties. Fraud is defined as the intentional deception resulting in injury to another person. Financial gain is often the goal when fraud is committed. There are several different types of fraudulent acts one can commit each has it own set of possible legal penalties.

If you have been accused of fraud it may make sense to consult with a skilled Delaware Fraud Defense Lawyer. The Law Office of Rahaim and Saints has ample experience defending all types of fraud cases in Northern Delaware. Call them at 302-892-9200 or 302-832-1800. Or, email a Delaware Criminal Lawyer by clicking here.

Types Of Fraud Charges In Delaware

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Types of Fraud Charges in the Delaware - Credit Card Fraud

Delaware Fraud Defense Lawyer Andrew Rahaim has been practicing Criminal Law in Delaware for many years. He will use his experience, knowledge and resources to obtain you the most favorable outcome possible. Mr. Rahaim routinely defends those accused of white collar crimes such as fraud, internet crimes, forgery, identity theft, embezzlement and contractor fraud competently and successfully. He prides himself on effectively and openly communicating with his clients at all stages of the legal process. Protecting your rights, your future and your reputation is Mr. Rahaim’s top priority.

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Being charged of fraud, identity fraud, or any other type of fraud related crime can alter the course of your life forever. If convicted your freedom, your rights, your financial status and your ability to get and keep a job are all jeopardized. Contacting an experienced Delaware Fraud Defense Attorney to protect your rights and plan a strategic defense. The Law Office of Rahaim & Saints can help guide you through the complicated judicial system. Call them at 302-892-9200 or 302-832-1800.

The Law Office of Rahaim & Saints handles all fraud related cases throughout New Castle County Delaware including: Wilmington, New Castle, Newark, Stanton, Newport, Fairfax, Brandywine, Talleyville, Bear, Glasgow, Middletown and Smyrna.