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If you have received your third drunk driving arrest in Delaware, you may be facing mandatory jail time, felony charges, and heavy fines and court fees.

It’s your best interest to hire the services of a professional local law firm that will help you make sure you achieve the best possible outcome. You don’t want to face the judge alone, and an experienced law firm may be able to fight on your behalf.

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Delaware’s Criminal Penalties for a Third Drunk Driving Charge

Drunk driving laws vary on a state by state basis. There are also other factors that come into play, such as the blood alcohol content of the driver, the number of previous drunk driving charges that person has previously faced, how much time has passed since those previous arrests and whether anyone was injured in the accident.

In Delaware, someone charged with their third drunk driving offense should be aware of the following:

  • You are charged with a Class G felony.
  • You can be fined up to $5,000.
  • You are facing at least one year in jail, but no more than two years.
  • You must serve at least three months in jail.
  • If your BAC is less than .15, you lose your license for two years.
  • If your BAC is between .15 and .19, you lose your license for 30 months.
  • If your BAC is .20 or higher, you lose your license for three years.
  • You need a mandatory ignition interlock device.

With so much at stake, a driver charged with his or her third drunk driving offense should employ the services of experienced lawyers who will help ensure a fair punishment.

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Rahaim & Saints: Delaware’s Third Offense DUI Attorneys

With over 30 years of experience in helping clients get the best possible outcomes in a variety of drunk driving scenarios, the attorneys at Rahaim & Saints are ready to examine your case as quickly as possible. Our lawyers pride themselves on delivering personalized services, and you’ll certainly appreciate the care and commitment they bring to your case.

Your third drunk driving charge is a lot different than your previous two, as you’ll have less leverage to negotiate with a judge. Because of that, those who are interested in protecting their future and securing the best possible outcome should not face their upcoming court appearances alone.

If you are charged with your third drunk driving offense in Delaware, it’s important to contact an attorney today. The more time a lawyer has to prepare your case before your court date, the better position you will be in.

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