Bear Delaware DUI Defense Lawyers

The Bear, Delaware area is located in New Castle County and is home to many bars, grills, restaurants and national chain dining establishments. All of these establishments serve alcohol. As a patron, once you are done you may opt to drive your car, truck or motorcycle home. If you have had too much to drink and are above the legal limit of .08 and are pulled over by police you can be charged with DUI. A DUI arrest in Bear, Delaware can become a very complicated and expensive ordeal. It is best to consult with a Delaware attorney handling DUI cases in Bear, Delaware.

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DUI Charges In Bear Delaware

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  • Bear Delaware DUI Defense Lawyer
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Bear Delaware DUI Defense

Being convicted of a DUI in Delaware is very serious and should be treated as such. There are 2 elements associated with a DUI charge in Delaware: criminal and administrative/DMV. Consulting with an attorney who will devise a solid defense for you should be of utmost importance. Issues regarding the DUI arrest need to be addressed to ensure that your rights were protected and proper procedure was followed at the time of arrest. Also, your criminal record and previous DUI history will determine what defense can be used.

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With many years experience defending those accused of crimes and DUI’s in Delaware I have the necessary skills to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for you. Call me at 302-832-1800 or 302-892-9200. You can also email Bear Delaware DUI Defense Lawyer Andrew Rahaim here.