Drug Charges & Drug Related Crimes

Drug Charge Attorney Andrew RahaimDelaware defense attorneys Rahaim & Saints have been representing clients against drug charges since 1993. We understand how important it is to get drug-related charges cleared quickly and discretely. If you have been charged with possession, manufacturing, medical fraud or any other drug-related offense, make us your first call. We’ll sit down and review your case with you for free, taking the time to explain your options and help you choose the course of action that will allow you to put the past behind you.

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Defending Yourself Against Drug Charges

Even a single drug charge on your record can affect your ability to find a job, travel, obtain security clearances and many other things. For this reason, aggressive representation against drug charges is critical. A drug crime defense lawyer may be able to help you get your sentence reduced or get old charges expunged from your record.

At Rahaim & Saints, we handle a wide range of cases, including possession of marijuana, cocaine or other narcotics, possession with intent to sell, prescription forgery and medical fraud, trafficking, manufacturing and more.

Why Contact a Drug Defense Attorney?

While it’s generally true that attitudes towards drug laws are becoming more lax across the country, ultimately your case will be decided in the criminal justice system rather than by popular opinion. An experienced Delaware drug crime defense lawyer, like those at Rahaim & Saints, knows the system and the technicalities of state and federal drug law. We may be able to get the charges against you dropped or reduced.

For example, many first-time offenders qualify for enrollment in what’s known as a diversion program. Successful completion of a period of probation can avoid jail and a criminal record.

Juvenile Drug Laws

Criminal Drug ChargesIt’s no secret that a large number of teenagers experiment with drugs at some point. When the law becomes involved, representation from a Delaware drug lawyer can mean the difference between a youthful indiscretion and something that will haunt the defendant for the rest of his or her life.

Consequences for drug charges can include fines, jail time and juvenile detention. A drug charge on a teenager’s record can limit their employment or educational abilities — it may also prevent them from applying for a driver’s license. In extreme cases, juveniles facing serious drug charges may be subject to attempts by the prosecution to move their case to adult court, where the consequences are far more severe.

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Trust the Delaware Drug Law Team at Rahaim & Saints

If you or your child is facing drug charges, Rahaim & Saints will provide aggressive representation every step of the way. Even in a supposedly “open-and-shut” case, there may be options available that can reduce the charges against you. When we take the time to review the specifics of your situation, we’ll be available to advise accordingly.

Your first consultation with our team of drug crime lawyers is always free. One of our team members will be happy to meet with you at your convenience. Call our Wilmington or Newark office today for more information.