Medical Bill Debt Relief

Tiffany Poole Bankruptcy AttorneyDelaware lawyers Rahaim & Saints have a long history of helping clients suffering from excessive medical debt in Wilmington, Newark and surrounding areas. A health emergency is never something that can be fully planned for. If you don’t have insurance or are denied coverage by your carrier, the consequences can be significant.

Living with excessive medical debt not only affects your finances, but it affects your peace of mind. If you’re tired of struggling with what seems like a hopeless situation, Rahaim & Saints may be able to help. There are many options available that can potentially reduce or eliminate your medical debt. During your free consultation with one of our knowledgeable medical bill debt lawyers, we’ll examine your case and help you choose the best path to get debt-free quickly. Call our office today to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

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Medical Debt in America: The Scope of the Problem

It may feel like you’re alone in your frustration when faced with mounting medical bill, but the fact is you aren’t. Approximately 1.7 million people nationwide were forced to declare bankruptcy in 2013 due to medical debt. Countless more made other sacrifices, dipping into their savings, retirement or education funds to cover an emergency procedure or chronic illness. In fact, about 56 million adults — or nearly one quarter of the population — experience some degree of difficulty paying for their medical expenses each year.

Many people think insurance alone is enough to protect them. However, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, private insurance covered only 36% of the nearly $2.2 trillion in health expenditures in the country in 2007. As a result, it is estimated that each year, 10 million Americans with full-time health insurance will still accumulate medical expenses they can’t pay off on their own.

Bankruptcy for Medical Debt Relief

Bankruptcy is usually thought of as a last resort, but if you’re struggling with unpayable medical debt, it may represent the best and fastest way to regain your peace of mind. In Delaware, two options are available for medical bill debt relief: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is reserved for individuals earning below a minimum income level — Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to everyone. When you speak with a bankruptcy lawyer about medical bill repayment, they can determine which program you qualify under and help you take the steps to begin filing.

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Delaware residents struggling to pay their medical bills can contact Rahaim & Saints for immediate assistance throughout the state. One of our team members can guide you through the bankruptcy process, helping ensure you are protecting your interests and making wise financial decisions.

It may also be possible for your medical debt to be relieved without bankruptcy, whether you pursue a lawsuit against your insurance company for a wrongful denial of your claim, or simply restructure your finances to lower your monthly payments to something more manageable. Whatever the specifics of your case are, you can count on our team for sound advice and professional representation. Contact Rahaim & Saints today for a free consultation.