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Tiffany Poole Bankruptcy AttorneyWhen a financial crisis strikes, individuals can quickly make necessary adjustments to their spending habits. However, this isn’t always the case if you are required to pay alimony or spousal support. When payments cannot be made or even if they are delayed, the penalties can be serious.

However, it’s important to know that these alimony payments are not set in stone and can be changed according to your circumstances. Contacting an experienced attorney at Rahaim & Saints can help you expedite the process, as well as ensure that your interests are being represented in any filings, claims and court proceedings.

Causes of Spousal Support and Alimony Payment Failure

The Delaware courts recognize many circumstances involving adjustments in your spousal support payments. A few common examples include:

  • Job loss or demotion
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Loss of assets
  • Being hospitalized
  • Suffering an illness
  • Suffering an injury
  • Payday loan debt
  • Car title loan debt
  • General financial turmoil

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Spousal Support and Mitigating Circumstances

In the state of Delaware, you can file for spousal support as soon as you physically separate from your husband or wife. You can continue until a divorce petition is filed with the court. Spousal support becomes alimony after divorce is filed for, and it is finalized when the divorce is concluded.

When asking for adjustments concerning spousal support or alimony, an experienced attorney can review all the necessary details including:

  • income for you and the dependent spouse
  • amount of typical expenditures
  • number of dependents
  • assets of the dependent spouse
  • earning potential
  • the physical and mental health of each spouse

At Rahaim & Saints, our attorneys can also communicate with the dependent spouse’s attorney to reach a mutually-beneficial outcome — without resorting to a trial and all the costs that go with it.

Spousal Support and Chapter 7/Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are various circumstances that can make you unable to maintain court-ordered spousal support payments. The Rahaim & Saints team understands that these circumstances can cause substantial aggravation and grief. In Delaware and most other states, spousal support debt cannot be dismissed by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

However, if you work with a knowledgeable attorney, it may be possible to consolidate spousal support debt by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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