How to Deal With the Stress of Divorce

Posted by RahaimSaints on February 24, 2015 | Divorce

Rahaim Saints 87 How to Deal With the Stress of Divorce

There’s no question that a divorce is hard on everyone involved. From dealing with finances to contemplating your — and your children’s — future, the process can be emotionally triggering.

It’s no surprise that spouses of both sexes have reported insomnia, panic attacks, depression, anxiety and a number of other physical and mental health consequences during divorce. Particularly when the process is difficult and drawn out, it’s important to take care of yourself and reduce the burden this stress is having on your health.

Learn Healthy Ways to Process Stress

Everyone handles stressful situations differently. While some people have an unnatural capacity for grace under pressure, for most of us the temptation to bury ourselves in our bad habits is all too real.

Whether it’s drinking, smoking, emotional eating or simply refusing to get out of bed, we all have a tendency to let our worst behaviors take over when times get tough. This in turn breeds guilt and frustration, making it even tougher to stay positive.

Key to avoiding this cycle is to adopt healthy ways of channeling your emotions. From yoga and meditation to journaling, knitting or woodworking, find a fun activity. Choosing to engage in positive activities not only helps relieve stress, but it can also remind you of the richness and possibility of the world you’re about the re-enter.

Get Help

From professional therapy to online communities, there are many options available for people seeking support and counseling during their divorce. Having someone to talk to can be essential in processing stress, which in turn will help you make more rational decisions. A knowledgeable divorce attorney will be able to point you towards some of the more useful resources in your area.

Take a Vacation — Even If It’s Just a Mental One

Don’t let dealing with divorce proceedings take over your life. If you need to get away and can do so, a short vacation is a great way to deal with the stress of your divorce. If you can’t get out of town, simply taking some time to yourself can help you regroup and refocus.

Rahaim Saints 88 How to Deal With the Stress of Divorce

Stay Civil

If there is ever a time to take the high road, it’s during a divorce. Be a peacemaker, and the process will go a lot smoother, making it easier to put the past behind you and get on with your life. If children are involved, this is even more essential.

Remember, however, that maintaining respect for your spouse doesn’t mean giving in to his or her every demand — it means maintaining good communication, trying to see things from their perspective and not letting the past have too much of an effect on your decision-making process during this important period of transition.

Celebrate When It’s Over

The less taboo divorce has become in our society, the better people are learning to cope publically with its effects. One way of doing so is to invite some close friends over for a small divorce party once it’s all finished.

Remember, however, that the point of this is not to bash your ex but rather celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life. What better way to do so than with the people who are closest to you?

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