10 Things to Do in Delaware in the Fall

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Rahaim Saints5 10 Things to Do in Delaware in the Fall

Delaware is beautiful any time of year, but there is something magical in the air when the leaves turn colors. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the state during autumn, the region also has some fun activities for you to try:

1) Plan a hike in Kent County.

Watch the leaves turn color in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Blackbird State Forest, Killens Pond State Park or along Route 9 Coastal Heritage Scenic Byway. Just be sure to bring your camera to capture all of the foliage.

2) Try the Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail.

Visit the Harvest Ridge Winery, the Nassau Valley Vineyard and other stops to sip on delicious autumnal brews in beautiful settings.

3) Take photos of the leaves in Brandywine Valley.

The rolling hills and changing colors will make for stunning views and photos.

4) Visit Fort Delaware to find out what autumn was like in 1859.

You know today’s traditions, but what about the customs of your ancestors? Fort Delaware lets you try hands-on activities and take a peek at harvest times from years ago. If you’re lucky enough to visit in October, take one of the ghost tours for a good scare.

5) Find out how the du Pont family celebrated autumn.

Visit the Hagley Museum and Library to wander along the more than 200 acres of grounds and take a peek at the seasonal exhibits. See how the workers in the mills and the wealthy in their manors celebrated the passing of the seasons.

6) Pick apples.

Take home a big basket for the family and fill your home with the scent of cider or apple pie. You can try one of the “Pick your own” farms in the area or plan a visit to the Bridgeville Apple-Scrapple Festival.

Rahaim Saints6 10 Things to Do in Delaware in the Fall

7) Celebrate Halloween.

Dress up, attend a Delaware costume party or take part in the Annual Sea Witch Halloween & Fiddler’s Festival.  With costumes and snacks, this is one holiday that everyone in the family can celebrate.

8) Visit Delaware’s beaches.

Lucky enough to get a warmer fall day? It’s a perfect time to pack a lunch and try one last day on the beach. Watch the sunset that matches autumnal colors or take a daring dip into the waters.

9) Watch the races.

Fall is time for the “AAA 400″ NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, so bring your favorite lucky outfit and get ready to cheer.

10) Shop.

Delaware has no sales taxes. If you visit, be sure to pick up a Halloween costume or some basics for Thanksgiving. You can even get started on your Christmas shopping while saving money.

Delaware has so much to offer year-round, but fall is truly a spectacular time to visit. Whether you want to immerse yourself in history, shopping, nightlife, fine dining or the beautiful foliage, Delaware is your perfect destination.

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