Road Rage: How to Get Your Aggressive Driving Under Control

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Just about everybody has momentarily lost it at one time or another while driving a car. But there are some people who have a chronic problem controlling road rage. Here are some road rage tips to help stop aggressive driving and make you — and everyone else — safer on our streets and highways.

How to Control Road Rage

One of the things that can help in controlling road rage the most is to consider the consequences of aggressive driving. Not only can it raise your insurance payments, but it could also keep you from being able to get a job if that job entails operating a vehicle.

Also, the State of Delaware has set some significant punishments in an effort to stop aggressive driving.…

Crossing the Line: What to Do If Your Neighbor Continually Trespasses

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private property 1109273 1280 1024x677 Crossing the Line: What to Do If Your Neighbor Continually Trespasses

The vast majority of us are very protective of our property. While most people don’t have a problem with the occasional trespassing neighbor, if this issue persists, it can become extremely frustrating. But no matter how angry you get, never take the law into your own hands.

How Do I Deal With a Neighbor Trespassing on My Property?

Some people who live in rural areas have disputes with neighbors regarding boundary disputes. For example, your neighbor may have recently put up a fence you feel is encroaching on your land. The first thing to do in this instance would be to calmly discuss it with your neighbor and take a look at your respective property deeds. You’ll probably find the exact location of your property lines in the wording of the deed.…

What Is Common Law Marriage?

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Some states recognize common law marriages in cases where a couple is not officially married but has been living together for some time. The requirements for common law marriage vary widely, but in most states recognizing these unions, couples must have lived together for a specific period of time, must hold themselves as “married” in the community, must intend to be entering a common law marriage, must be of sound mind and age of majority and must meet other requirements as well.

Common Law Marriage in Delaware

Delaware does not recognize common law marriages. In order to be married in the state of Delaware, you must file for a marriage license and enter into a legal marriage. Even if you have lived with someone for a long period of time and live together as spouses in Delaware, this will not give you the legal status of a common law marriage, nor will it give you the legal protections of marriage.…