Filing for Bankruptcy: Yes, There Are Advantages

Posted by RahaimSaints on December 7, 2016 | Bankruptcy

calculator 1680905 1280 1024x682 Filing for Bankruptcy: Yes, There Are Advantages

A lot of people dread the prospect of filing bankruptcy, fearing that doing so will label them a failure for the rest of their lives. However, even though it can be an extremely stressful process, there are actually a great many benefits to doing so. It provides a way to get out of financial problems, giving you a fresh start. You just need to have someone on your side who knows how to help you navigate through a bankruptcy and give you the best options.

Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can help you either consolidate your debt or possibly even eliminate it entirely. It will be extremely important, however, to have a Delaware bankruptcy attorney working on your behalf to find the best solution.…

Child Custody and the Holidays: How to Make It Work

Posted by RahaimSaints on November 23, 2016 | Divorce, Family Law

christmas 1328153 1920 1024x681 Child Custody and the Holidays: How to Make It Work

The holidays can obviously be an extremely stressful time for a divorced couple as they try to figure out ways for both parents to spend time with the children. But this should be a happy time — not one filled with anxiety. With a little organization and planning, managing custody over the holidays can be a lot easier than you think.

Who Should Have the Children Over the Holidays?

The coordination of child custody over Christmas and other holidays will be key to making everything go as smoothly as possible. You and your ex should take the time to think about which holidays are the most important to each of you. Some parents, for instance, feel that Thanksgiving is more important, while others will insist that they have the children on Christmas.…

Property Division After Divorce: Understanding How It Works

Posted by RahaimSaints on November 16, 2016 | Divorce

breakup 908714 1280 1024x677 Property Division After Divorce: Understanding How It Works

Divorce and property division typically go hand in hand. This can be a very complex legal matter, especially if the couple shares a substantial amount of assets. Whether a divorce is amicable or contested, division of property can be a major challenge. That’s why it’s not only important you have an effective lawyer on your side, but also that you understand how the process works.

Is Delaware a Community Property State?

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to property division and divorce. Delaware is not a community property state, meaning property is not automatically split down the middle. (Actually, the list of community property states is fairly small — only 10 plus Puerto Rico.) There are several factors that will be taken into consideration regarding the division of property, including the contribution each spouse made to the marriage, the length of the marriage and many others.…