How to Protect Your Child Online

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Every parent worries about their children, and today there seem to be more concerns than ever before. Each year, we read about stories of children who have been abducted, abused, bullied, or otherwise harmed. In many cases, online bullying and online activities are blamed. While the Internet isn’t the only danger children face, there’s no doubt that some predators do use cyberspace to stalk or groom their victims. To protect your children online in Delaware, follow these tips:

1) Teach your children the basics of staying safe online and offline.

Of course, you want to keep your children safe online in Delaware. However, your children are also at risk at school, on the playground and just about everywhere else. The same advice you give your children to stay safe online can help them stay safe offline.

The Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Heading for Divorce

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divorce 619195 960 720 The Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Heading for Divorce

While many couples recognize when their relationship is deteriorating, for some people the serving of divorce papers comes as a surprise. Is your relationship floundering or thriving? The following five signs could be an indication your relationship is on the rocks and your spouse is considering talking to divorce lawyers in Delaware:

1) There Is Infidelity in the Relationship

Whether you see signs your partner is cheating, or one or both of you have admitted to an affair, when other people get involved in a relationship, it’s a red flag. Infidelity shows a deep lack of concern for one’s partner and may suggest one or both parties have already moved on with new relationships.

2) You Talk Less and Spend Less Time Together

While all couples go through periods of time when they spend less time together or are involved with work, childrearing, or other activities, it’s important to spend time together as a couple and to talk.

How Social Media Now Impacts Divorce Law

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If you’re going through a divorce or are considering filing for divorce, it’s important to take a close look at your social media habits. As divorce lawyers in Delaware know, Facebook and other social media accounts increasingly play a role in family law cases and especially divorce cases. Your social media account and the media accounts of your spouse may come into play in five important ways:

1) By Presenting Evidence of Infidelity

Up to one in three divorce cases cite Facebook among the divorce filings. Unfortunately, social media and dating websites such as Ashley Madison — a website dedicated to helping married people cheat — make infidelity easier than ever before. Social media and other sites also leave an evidence trail of infidelity, and Delaware divorce lawyers can subpoena this evidence and work with computer experts to gather evidence of wrongdoing in the event of a divorce.…