Finding Your Identity After It’s Been Stolen: Tips to Overcome Identity Theft

Posted by RahaimSaints on February 15, 2017 | Criminal

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The effects of identity theft can be far-reaching. Not only are there the emotional feelings of violation and anger, but there are also the potential long-term financial ramifications to consider. If you are a victim of identity theft, you need to contact Rahaim and Saints as soon as possible so we can get to work helping you get back on your feet.

What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen

First of all, if you become an identity theft victim, the last thing you need to feel is embarrassment or guilty. The days of being stigmatized by this crime are long gone, because so many people have been in your shoes. The important thing to realize is that what is done is done, and now is the time to take action to minimize the damage.…

How Are Retirement Accounts Divided in Divorce Proceedings?

Posted by RahaimSaints on February 8, 2017 | Divorce, Family Law

If you and your spouse are in the process of getting a divorce, it would only be natural to wonder how your retirement accounts will be divided. While couples can control this distribution by reaching an agreement, the court will decide if no agreement is forthcoming.

Delaware Law and Divorce

Delaware is considered to be an equitable distribution state in the eyes of the law, but many people confuse “equitable” with “even.” Divorce law in Delaware allows the court to distribute assets in the way that seems the most fair, which can make the process extremely complex in some instances. When it comes to dividing pension and other types of retirement funds, it can get even more confusing.

The Qualified Domestic Relations Order

A retirement fund isn’t like a bank account that can simply be cut down the middle with each spouse getting half.…

What Are the Different Types of Child Custody

Posted by RahaimSaints on February 2, 2017 | Child Custody, Family Law

2 legal requireents What Are the Different Types of Child Custody


The term “child custody” is one that’s often misunderstood, since there are various types of child custody. In addition to child custody, there are also forms of guardianship and visitation.

In order to better understand the term “child custody,” it is first necessary to define it. Child custody refers to the rights and duties of parents in reference to caring for their children. Each state uses different standards to determine which parent to award custody, but Delaware judges have determined that their standards will follow the child’s best interests.

And as any child custody attorney in Delaware knows, parents are the only persons who are permitted to petition the court for custody. Though guardianship may be awarded to other relatives or foster parents who petition the court, custody is the term which applies to parents.…